Seed Flag

Flag burning is a legal expression of free speech, according to the Supreme Court.

To burn a flag is a form of protest, (unless you are disposing of an old flag.)

I propose a flag that burns with the purpose of propagating, metaphorically, the ideal of the First Amendment, free speech.

The flag is made from light weight paper, possibly tracing paper. Strips of paper for the stripes will be printed with the words of the First Amendment. These strips will be sewn together, along with the square to hold the stars. Each star also holds the text.

The flag is painted in a continuous line, top to bottom, with a solution of postassium nitrate. When dry, the line is invisible.

The flag is hung by the top corners. Ignition is applied to the bottom corner. A very slow fire buns its way up the flag, dethatching the stripes, and finally, the stars, which flutter to the ground and are dispersed into the environment., “propagating” the ideal.